Hi everyone-  

I am sick and I am going to have to cancel class today – November 18th.  I apologize for the late notice.  Please help spread the word to your fellow students.   

I have decided to postpone the due date until next Tuesday, as some of you may have questions for me on Thursday.  Please explore the many links I have posted on the web to help in your research. Also, please plan on attending class on Thursday.  Someone from Social Sciences will be there to ask for you all to evaluate me (on paper).  I would appreciate your comments etc, so your attendance is appreciated.  

Please have the readings on Mexican Americans completed, and please check out the links I have posted on the website under “Mexican Americans” and “Vigilante Racists”.


I am postponing the readings until next week.  We are going to use this week do group work and to work on your research projects.

Please attend.  There will be a substitute and roll will be taken.  Please look under the assignment section for helpful hints on completing your journal entry that is due next week.

I have had a death in the family.  Class will be cancelled Tuesday.  Please plan to attend Thursday’s class.

Hello All-

I just found out about an exciting event that is taking place on campus tomorrow from 12:30-1:30.  I hope you will all be able to attend as it is intimately related to our course.  

Elizabeth Martinez will be speaking about the past 500 years of Chicana women’s history.  She is a famous scholar and activist, and we will be reading some of her work later in the semester.  

The event will take place in the ELAC Auditorium Foyer and it will begin at 12:30.  I will be there, and if you attend I will let your attendance count make up your lowest quiz grade (at the end of the semester).  Please find me after the event and sign in.

For those of you whose papers I could not find – they have been found!  I will have them in class for you on Tuesday.  If you did not turn in a journal article, please talk to me…

Please come prepared on Thursday.